Events + Activities

As a member of the CBRNE Industry Group you will be invited to a number of meetings and activities with both your government customers and with industry. Apart from our monthly meetings held the third Thursday of every month, we also have annual dinners, holiday meetings and special meetings held at some of our customer’s government facilities.


The CBRNE Industry Group has also held meetings and special events for our Military Leaders, Homeland Defense Senior Staff, and Congressional Membership (On the Hill). These special events focus on specific issues that are brought forward to these customers to educate them on the challenges that both industry and government face.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, please join us for our monthly membership meeting via Microsoft LIVE Teams. Distinguished Guest Speaker: Brigadier General Michael E. Sloane, PROGRAM EXECUTIVE OFFICER, PEO IEW&S CBRNE IG Membership meeting, Virtual
Feb 18, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM EST
Microsoft Teams Virtual Meeting

Upcoming Meetings and Activities

2020 CBRNE Industry Group Meeting Schedule:

18 February: TBD


18 March: Eric B. Towns, Colonel, U.S. Army, Deputy Director, Joint Requirements Office-CBRND Joint Staff, J8

15 April: Mr. David Restione, Chief Technology Officer, JPEO CBRND

CBRNE Conferences, Events, and Meetings:

CBRNE Conferences (Updated 02/04/2021)

February 2021

2-4, February USDA ARS 6th International Biosafety & Biocontainment Virtual Symposium: Emerging Biorisk Challenges in Agriculture


4 February 2021: CBRNE IG Board Meeting, Virtual Meeting


17 February 2021

NCT Civil Military Cooperation - Mutual Aid in Crisis Response (Virtual)


18 February 2021: CBRNE IG Luncheon, Virtual Meeting

Dave Restione, CTO JPEO-CBRND


26 February 2021: Nomination Packets Due to Dr. Billy Richardson and Virginia Morlock Awards


March 2021

2-3 March 2021: NCT Virtual USA Pre-Event Conference


4 March 2021: CBRNE IG Board Meeting,
Virtual via Microsoft Teams

Nominating Committee to Develop Slate of
Nominees for Next Year

Budget for Next Year Submitted


18 March 2021: CBRNE IG Virtual Meeting


31 March – 1 April 2021: NCT Virtual Europe Pre-Event Conference


April 2021

1 April 2021: CBRNE IG Board Meeting, Virtual Meeting

Approve Winner of Dr Billy Richardson and Virginia Morlock Awards

Approve Slate of Nominees

Approve Budget


7-9 April: CBRNe SUMMIT USA Conference and Exhibition 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada


15 April 2021: CBRNE IG Luncheon, Virtual Meeting

Approve Budget

Approve Slate


21-22 April: ABSA Biosecurity Symposium



27-29 April CBRNe Summit Europe

Brno, Czech Republic


28-30 April

Future Forces/ World CBRN & Medical Congress conference

Prague, Czech Republic


May 2021

3 – 9 May 2021: Voting for New Board


4-6 May 2021 NCT USA teamed with CCDC CBC

Edgewood, MD


6 May 2021: CBRNE IG Board Meeting, TBD


20 May 2021: CBRNE IG Annual Dinner, TBD

Present Winners of Dr Billy Richardson and Virginia Morlock Awards

Announce New Board Members


June 2021

3 June 2021: CBRNE IG Board Meeting,
Virtual via Microsoft Teams

Select Executive Director for 2021 – 2022

Review Proposed Consulting Agreement


6-9 June: NBC Symposium on CBRNE Threats

Sibelius Hall, Lahti, Finland


8-10 June 2021: NCT CBRNe and eXplosive Europe

CBRN School, Rieti, Italy


17 June 2021: CBRNE IG Luncheon, TBD


21-25 June: IABTI’s 2021 International In-Service Training and Expo,

Las Vegas, Nevada,


21-25 June 2021: CCRA CBRN Exhibition

Fort Leonard Wood, MO


28 June-July 2nd, 2021 NCT PRO Challenge 2021



30 July 2021: NCR CCRA Green Dragon Ball

Martin’s East, Middle River, MD


August 2021

2-4 August 2021: NDIA-JPEO CBRND CBRN Conference

Baltimore Harbor Hilton, Baltimore, MD


3-5 August 13th Annual Nuclear Deterrence Summit

Alexandria VA


7-9 September NCT South America 2021

Lima, Peru


TBD September 2021: NCT Pro Special Forces

Camp New Amsterdam, Netherlands. New date TBD


2-4 November 2021

CBRNe Convergence 2021

Orlando, Florida


10-12 November NCT CBRNe & eXplosive Asia Pacific 2021

Seoul, South Korea


5-6 December NCT Middle East 2021

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Please contact Neil Cohen with any other CBRNE related events that should be added at