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As a member of the CBRNE Industry Group you will be invited to a number of meetings and activities with both your government customers and with industry. Apart from our monthly meetings held the third Thursday of every month, we also have annual dinners, holiday meetings and special meetings held at some of our customer’s government facilities.


The CBRNE Industry Group has also held meetings and special events for our Military Leaders, Homeland Defense Senior Staff, and Congressional Membership (On the Hill). These special events focus on specific issues that are brought forward to these customers to educate them on the challenges that both industry and government face.


Upcoming Meetings and Activities

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2019 NBC Industry Group Meeting Schedule:

(Updated 10/224/2019)


12 December 2019

December 12, Dr. Ron Hann  Director JSTO, DTRA • Fort Myer, VA



Industry Events

(Updated 10/22/2019)

October 28-30

CLEAN GULF 2019 Conference

New Orleans, LA


Response to Nuclear Terrorism Tabletop Exercise

Seoul, ROK


November 5-7

CBRNe Convergence

Nashville, TN


November 6-7

7th Annual EOD/IED & Countermine Symposium

Alexandria, VA


November 12-13

CWMD General Membership Meeting 2019

Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center


November 11-12

CBRN Summit & Live Exercise 2019

Live CBRN Exercise: November 13

Bi-national Franco-Swiss CBRN exercise

Stade De Genève, Switzerland


November 14

NBC Industry Group Mtg,

Cmdt CBRNS and Chief of Chemical

COL Darryl Hood,

Richlin Ballroom, Edgewood, MD


November 18-21

DTRA S&T conference

Cincinnati, OH


November 19-21

11th US EPA Intl. Decon R&D Conf.

Norfolk, VA


November 20-22

Homeland Security Week, WDC

(Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC)


December 9-10

Non-Conventional Threats Conference Middle East

Abu Dhabi, UAE


December 12

CBRNE Industry Group Board Meeting Guest Speaker Dr Ron Hann, Dir JSTO, DTRA

Officers Club, Ft Myer, VA 1000-1230


December 11-12th

SOF & Worldwide Operations Symposium.

Tampa, FL


January 14-15, 2020

DoD CBRN Survivability Conference

San Diego, CA


Please contact Neil Cohen with any other CBRN related events that should be added at

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