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The CBRNE Industry Group was formed to provide a voice from the industrial base that is heard in both the military, civil, and in Congress. Our advocacy is not in the form of lobbying either of these groups but instead to educate and inform them of what is transpiring in our industry and how it might affect both the short-term and long-term needs of the United States in terms of the Military, Civil, and the Defense of our Homeland.

Members of the CBRNE Industry Group will have the opportunity to not only meet peers in the industry but also to engage with decision-makers from across the 19 U.S. Federal Departments and Agencies that have a CBRNE Role and Responsibility, Police Forces, First Responders, and Law Makers. Representatives from these organizations frequently speak at our monthly meetings and provide both perspective and an understanding of the way our government and agencies operate. In addition, these representatives will often talk to future programs that are of importance to them and their agencies.

The CBRNE Industry Group also provides forums where meetings are held on Capitol Hill, at Military Facilities where our customers are located, and at Federal Buildings. These events allow our members to engage with their customers and to explain how they can find mutually beneficial ways to do business together.

Benefits of Membership

Monthly CBRNE Industry Group Member meetings, which alternate between Edgewood, MD and Ft Myer, VA, serve as a means to exchange information on current events in CBRNE areas. Discussions are focused on learning about emerging trends, government budgets, policies, requirements, and how to do business with various government organizations.

Meetings include invited speakers from key Executive Branch organizations (e.g., Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, Department of Justice, and Department of Health and Human Services), state-level organizations with domestic preparedness responsibilities, municipalities, and Legislative Branch organizations (e.g., congressional committees with jurisdiction over CBRNE budgets and policies). The monthly meetings allow for networking and business development opportunities for Member organizations.

The CBRNE Industry Group also coordinates special events for its members, such as off-site educational briefings at locations of particular interest and receptions at certain CBRNE conferences and on Capitol Hill. Additionally, the CBRNE Industry Group Web site and Handbook provides the public with Member company information regarding capabilities and offerings. Membership allows access to the CBRNE Industry Group intranet that contains speaker presentations and other documents of interest to the CBRNE community.

Membership Application

Now through 30 April...


Annual membership is $550 (or $500 if paid by check). As we are now halfway through the annual membership calendar, we are offering the opportunity to join now for half the year at half the price! 

Join now and take advantage of our Half Year. Half Price trial membership for $275 (or $250 if paid by check).

To pay by check sent to:

CBRNE Industry Group

2961-A Hunter Mill Rd., #637

Oakton, VA 22124.

To pay by credit card simply complete the form and submit payment.

Applications and dues renewals will open on 1 July. Annual membership valid 1 July - 30 June.

Membership Handbook

Membership Handbook

Distinguished 2022-2023 Member Companies

Below is a list of our current member organizations. (As of January 10, 2023)


3M Scott Fire and Safety  |  Will Hesse  |

908 Devices  |  Christopher Carpita  |

Action Medical Technologies, LLC  |  Frank Osborne  |

AirBoss Defense Group  |  Jon Nelson  |

ADS, Inc.  |  Scott Bryant  |

Aktiv Pharma Group  |  Chris Hoffman  |

Amentum Services, Inc  |  Vince Johnston  |

American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)  |  Ted Mullins  |

AMH Consulting  |  Amoretta Hoeber  |

ANSER  |  Tony Francis  |

Argon Electronics LTD (UK)  |  Bryan Sommers  |

Arktis Detection Systems  |  Rico Chandra  |

ATI  |  Mike Stebbins  |

Avarint LLC  |  David Mangino  |

Avon Protection  |  Mollai Dolan  |

Battelle  |  Emma Dill  |

BIG, LLC  |  John Wheeler  |

BioFlyte, Inc.  |  Charles Call  |

Block Engineering LLC  |  Daniel J Cavicchio Jr  |

BlueHalo  |  Raymond Walker  |

Booz Allen Hamilton  |  William King  |

Boston Dynamics  |  Kimberly Chamblin  |

Brandywine River Representatives  |  Andy Molter  |

Bruker Detection Corp.  |  Ken Ribeiro  |

Bryce Technology  |  Jeff Mujsce  |

Calgon Carbon Corporation  |  Steven Butterworth  |

CAS  |  Ian MacGregor  |

CBRNe World (Falcon Communications)  |  David Levitt  |

Chemring Sensors & Electronic Systems, Inc.  |  Mirela Popa  |

CUBRC  |  David Mangino  |

CWMD  |  Mike Stebbins  |

D2 Team Sim  |  Walt Rant  |

DAS Inc  |  Jeff Lesho  |

DCS  |  Dennis Card  |

Defense Equipment Company  |  Gary Hess  |

Design West Technologies Inc.  |  Ryan  Hur  |

Domenix  |  Stephanie Kreitzer  |

Dominion Sciences Initiative  |  James Andrews  |

Douglas W Bryce Consulting  |  Douglas Bryce  |

Draeger, Inc.  |  Sean Carey  |  SEAN.CAREY@DRAEGER.COM

Dynamis Inc  |  Neil Cohen  |

ENSCO, Inc.  |  Steven Wyss  |

Environics  |  Michael Phillips  |

ERP International  |  Venkat Rao  |

EXCET, INC  |  Patrick  Nolan, Ph. D.  |

First Line Technology, LLC  |  Michael Corle  |

Guardian Centers of Georgia, LLC  |  Kerry OConnell  |

Guild Associates, Inc.  |  Kristian Farve  |

HDT Global  |  Timothy Stickler  |

Hunametics Corporation  | 

Huntington Ingalls Industries  |  Stanley Tunstall  |

INFICON  |  Rebecca Robertson  |

Innovative Emergency Management, Inc.  |  Brad Tiffee  |

INTERFUZE Corporation  |  Dave Shoffner  |

ITL Solutions  |  William  Guglielmo  |

JGW Group  |  Jack O’Neil  |

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory  |  Christopher Carter  |

Joint Research and Development, INC  |  Suzanne  Clift  |

Kaleo  |  Gary Riddle  |

Kalman & Company, Inc.  |  Christie Woodward  |

Kappler, Inc.  |  Denni Sanders   |

Kromek  |  John Filby  |

L2 Defense  |  Michael Brown  |

Leidos  |  JB BURTON  |

The Lockwood Group LLC | Jim Lockwood  |

LMI Consulting LLC  |  Fizer  Fizer  |

M2DCON Inc.  |  Timothy Meilander  |

Man-Machine Systems Assessment  |  Lily Harris  |

Mantech  |  Art Payne  |

Meridian Medical Technologies, LLC  |  Tom Handel  |

MIG GOV,LLC  |  Jamie Harris  |

MJL-Enterprises, LLC  |  John Stone  |

MRIGlobal  |  Joseph Bogan  |

National Strategic Research Institute  |  Marty Sikes  | 

NCT Consultants LLC  |  Anna Paternnosto  | 

Noble Supply & Logistics   |  John Compton  |

Noblis  |  Stacey Cogar  |

Octant Associates  |  Michael Impastato  |

OMNI Technologies, LLC  |  Jay Roy  |

OPEC CBRNe  |  Sarah Hassinger  |

ORTEC/AMETEK  |  Lena Russell  |

Paratek Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  |  Steve Cobb  |

Patricio Enterprises, Inc.  |  Courtney Patricio  |

Persistent Systems, LLC  |  Al Rebara  |

Phoenix Operations Group  |  Devin Edwards  |

Proengin  |  Olivier Ancely  |

Qal-Tek Associates   |  Aaron Decker  |

QinetiQ Inc.  |  Dave  Scott  |

QuickSilver Analytics  |  Rod Hudson  |

RedWave Technology  |  Patrick Dempsey  |

Research International, Inc.  |  Leonie Saaski  |

Rigaku Analytical Devices  |  Jen Lynch  |

SAIC  |  Christa Harrop  |

Science and Technology Corp.  |  Harry Quinn  |

SciTech Services, Inc.  |  Dennis  Metz  |

SEC  |  Martyn Hill  |

SERSTECH  |  Elisabeth Koplar  |

Signature Science LLC  |  Renee Williams  |

Smiths Detection  |  Joe Kennedy  |

SourceAmerica  |  Tamara Rodriguez-Hale  |

Spectral Sensor Solutions, LLC  |  Scott Higdon  |

SRC   |  Victor Denard  |

SRI International  |  John Bradburn  | 

The Survice Engineering Company, LLC  |  Kristin Rose  |

TDA Research, INC  |  William Bell  |

Tech62, Inc.  |  John Mercier  |

Teledyne FLIR  |  David Salter  |

Tex-Shield, Inc.  |  Mandy Lopez  |

The CONSILIO Group  |  Brynn Kiser  |

Think-Dragon, LLC  |  Ken Tourison  |

Timilon  |  Gregg Lisicki  |

Tracerco  |  William Rivers  |

Tradeways LTD  |  Joseph Gorski    |

U.S.-CREST Group  |  Dom Orsini  |

Valiant Integrated Services   |  Bailey  Turnicky  |

Valitus Technologies  |  William  Silguero  |

Vectrus Systems Corporation  |  Steven Furlong  |

VIP GlobalNet, LLC  |  Emily Wallace  |

WL Gore & Associates   |  Sean  McDearmon  |

Wright State University  |  Terry L. Oroszi, Ed.D.  |

XCMR  |  Richard  Rasansky  |

Zeteo Tech, Inc.  |  Wayne  Bryden  |





Chair  |   Ron Fizer  |

Vice-Chair  |  Kimberly Chamblin, Ph.D. |
Secretary  |  Jeff Lesho  | 

Treasurer  |  John Wheeler  |

Director | Josh Stanley  |

Director  | Neil Cohen  |

Director | Michael Corle  |

Director | Mike Stebbins  |

Executive Director  |  Carolanne O'Neil  |

Member Companies
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